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Sponsor An Animal

Critter Care Wildlife Society • Christmas Sponsorship

Wildlife rehabilitation is costly. A single raccoon, while in care can eat its way through $1,500 worth of food.

One of the best ways for you to help the critters at Critter Care Wildlife Society is to sponsor the care of an animal from the time it is rescued until it is rehabilitated and released. Construction material for a “condominium” is in excess of $ 10,000. Added to this is the expense of heating pads, syringes for feeding, bedding, medicines, laundry, as well as a supply of special food. The baby’s milk alone costs $249 a bucket!

Help the orphans by formally adopting one or more of our new arrivals. Be an integral part of the rehabilitation and eventual release of an orphaned animal.

You will receive a tax receipt for your charitable donation, and an 5 x 7 certificate which contains a photo of your orphan.


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