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Watch: Island of the Sea Wolves

Explore wild, wondrous Vancouver Island, where the ocean nurtures all life, from bald eagles who go fishing to sea wolves who swim in frigid waters. Starring:Will Arnett

Island of the Sea Wolves is a 2022 British documentary series narrated by Will Arnett. The series focuses on sea wolves and bald eagles, animal species that must forage for food in the cold waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Filmed on Vancouver Island British Columbia, Canada

A glimpse into the ecosystem inhabitants of Vancouver Island. At the juncture of land and sea, the father-daughter duo Chelsea and Jeff Turner at Vancouver-based River Road Films follow the journeys through the seasons of Vancouver Island’s amazing animals, including sea wolves, Vancouver Island marmots, sea otters, orcas, bears and eagles. Narrated by actor and comedian Will Arnett and accompanied by a score (by Laurentia Editha and Denise Santos) that feels like nature-doc-meets-Pirates-of-the-Caribbean, the series blends incredible cinematography (by Maxwel Hohn) with detailed research and engaging storytelling.

National Geographic "Island of the Sea Wolves: Behind the scenes of the Netflix hit series Click here for more info.


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